Imagine a company, where ALDI’s well-known quality and reliability meet IT expertise and innovation. As part of the IIT, AIIS the - ALDI INTERNATIONAL IT SERVICES LTD. - strives for reaching this goal every day.

From Hungary we support various IT and business services for the ALDI SOUTH Group. 

In addition to our continuously evolving IT services portfolio, our teams are constantly increasing in number. We have tripled our headcount in the recent years, with more than 700 employees today.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most frequently asked questions about our company.

Our technical and back-office positions are based in an office environment, where regular working hours allow flexibility in the day-to-day work.

Service Desk support staff work the same hours as the stores in the UK, Austria, Ireland, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Slovenia. The other colleagues will support ALDI regional headquarters staff on a continuous basis, thanks to a constantly expanding service portfolio.

Most of our employees dress according to the Smart Casual Dresscode.

At ALDI International IT Services, AIIS for short, we have been providing IT services from Hungary to our ALDI colleagues since 2012. The name  ALDI International IT Services Ltd. has been in use since 2018 and thanks to continuous expansion we now provide IT and business services in Europe and globally from Budapest, Pécs and Debrecen.

For our colleagues who, due to their job duties, may also work evenings/nights/weekends, we pay a shift allowance according to the Hungarian Labour Code.

Yes, we have opportunities for both newcomers and career changers in IT. Our colleagues benefit from a training period of about 5-6 weeks, depending on the position, where they participate in professional and soft skill, practice-oriented training. AIIS supports the training of our colleagues, we run refresher courses for those who want to improve their knowledge in a specific field.

At AIIS, we support the continuous training and development of our staff. We offer you the opportunity to train in business, IT, people management, project management, infrastructure, engineering and development.

Yes. There's many development related jobs, we also develop our ticketing system (ServiceNow) from Hungary among other things. Here, our colleagues work with JavaScript language and AngularJS.

Our offices in Budapest, Debrecen and Pécs cooperate closely together making up our service portfolio. Our offices are continuously expanding, we work with more than 700 colleagues by now.

At every job interview, we usually speak in one or two foreign languages, depending on what the position requires. We also discuss the following topics: studies, motivation, personality and professional experience.

Every colleague who works at ALDI (including AIIS) participates in an in-store learning, where they have the oppurtunity to see and get to know the IT devices that are used at the store, they see the trade processes and they get to experience everyday life at an ALDI store while observing the operative tasks.

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